THIS THIRD AMENDMENT TO THE SUPERINTENDENT'S EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT is made and entered into this 30th day of September, 2013, by and between the Board of Trustees (the "Board") of Dallas Independent School District (the "District") and Mr. Floyd Mike Miles (the "Superintendent")...


The Board may dismiss the Superintendent during the term of this Contract for good cause as that term is applied to term contract employees under Texas Law. Said termination will relieve the District of any obligations to make further payment to the Superintendent pursuant to the terms of this Contract. Examples of "good cause" include, but are not limited to:

(t) Failure to take substantive steps in good faith to maintain an effective working relationship, or maintain good rapport with parents, the community, staff or all Board members;



PRESS RELEASE - October 31, 2014 - DFPE Supports Trustee Nutall's Criminal Complaint against Superintendent Mike Miles

WHEREAS, the superintendent is the leader of the district and must be held to the highest standards of professional behavior and character; and

WHEREAS, as the community leader in education, the superintendent is a role model for our students, must be above reproach and must demonstrate the kind of behavior which we want our children to emulate; and

WHEREAS, the incident at Billy Earl Dade Middle School was not only an example of unprofessional behavior on the part of superintendent Miles but clearly appears to be in violation of the law; and

WHEREAS, the law applicable in this case is under "Official Oppression" ... MORE

DOWNLOAD PRESS RELEASE - October 31, 2014 - DFPE Supports Trustee Nutall's Criminal Complaint against Superintendent Mike Miles - (PDF)


Our Community Our Schools received the Miguel Hidalgo Award September 14, 2014

Miguelo Hildalgo AwardOur Community Our Schools received the Miguel Hidalgo Award September 14, 2014 for outstanding contributions to the Arts and Education for their work in uniting the communities of Dallas in a discussion of ways to improve the educational outcomes for Dallas area children. OCOS, a coalition of parents, community members, activists and leaders, organizations and faith-based groups opposes the proposal to turn Dallas Independent School District into a Home Rule Charter District and seeks to develop an alternate plan to raise student achievement with input from parents, educators and the community. Dallas Friends of Education and Stop the Take Over are proud to be active members of Our Community Our Schools and continue to support their mission.


Request No Contract Extension for Superintendent Miles




Michael MacNaughton: Why Miles' Market-driven Reform Won't Work

Opinion column of the Dallas Morning News "...A hallmark of the Broad style of school reform is increasing class size, imposing high-stakes, test-based accountability systems on teachers and students, and implementing pay-for-performance schemes — the blueprint for Miles’ “Destination 2020” plan.

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OPR Report on Mike Miles: Case 11335

Released July 18, 2013 - Download the PDF (5.16mb)


2013 DISD STAAR EOC Results - by Campus

Download and View the PDF HERE


Push-back Against Superintendent Miles Intensifies

Former Trammell Crow CEO and former co-chair of Dallas Achieves Don Williams sent an email to Dallas ISD Superintendent Mike Miles (and most of the current local and some state political and business leaders), saying he is "deeply concerned" with Miles' leadership. Included in the email was a discussion paper Mr. Williams' non-profit Foundation for Community Empowerment created to spur community discussion.


"Dallas Achieves" leadership warns Superintendent Miles his decisions pose "serious risk" to the DISD

Dallas Achieves leaders Arcilia Acosta, Pettis Norman and J. McDonald Williams tell superintendent Miles on May 4, "...decisions you are making and the manner in which these decisions are being implemented pose serious risks to the future success of Dallas ISD and the nearly 160,000 children in your care."

They go on to say, "We are also deeply concerned about the processes by which you are going about making these changes, and their consequences, and are asking you for explanations. In one of your PowerPoint presentations, you quoted Secretary of Education Arne Duncan in calling for "disruptive" change. Disruptive change does not always produce good results: witness the recent sudden and drastic failures of former J.C. Penney Co. CEO Ron Johnson. Unlike the processes of Dallas Achieves, we do not believe you are being collaborative and inclusive of a broad base of stakeholders, both inside and outside the District. Further, we observe little understanding and respect for the history of Dallas or Dallas ISD. From insiders we hear of a culture of fear and reprisal ("my way or the highway) versus one of collaboration and teaming up to bring forth the best ideas, people and results."

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AFT v DISD Amended Injunction Denied - June 19, 2014

However, on the facts of this case based on the testimony presented, Plaintiff has failed to demonstrate that it will lack adequate representation or an advocate for its members' interests onthe Commission. All four of Plaintiff's witnesses testified that: (i) they have no qualms with any of the four members selected by the DAC, and (ii) they could not say that these four individuals would not be advocates for the interests of classroom teachers. Given such testimony, Plaintiff cannot demonstrate individualized harm to its members' interests, viz. that the four persons selected by the DAC will not adequately advocate the interests of classroom teachers or students.



AFT v DISD Amended Petition and Trial Brief - June 17, 2014

The plaintiff seeks to enjoin the DISD board of trustees from committing ultra vires acts outside its statutory and legal authority in 21 appointing teachers to the charter commission who have not been selected by a district-level committee whose members have been elected as required under Sections 11.251 (e).




IT IS, THEREFORE, ORDERED that DALLAS INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT, Defendant in this cause, be, and hereby is, enjoined and commanded forthwith to desist and refrain from appointing the teachers selected by the Defendant's district-level advisory committee on or about June 4, 2014 (whose names were published on June 6, 2014) to the home-rule school district charter commission from the date of entry of this order until June 27, 2014, or until further order of this Court.





COMES NOW ALLIANCE/AFT, the plaintiff, complaining of Dallas Independent School District, the defendant, acting through its board of trustees. The plaintiff files this petition for declaratory judgment pursuant to the provisions of the Uniform Declaratory Judgments Act, Tex. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code Section 37.001 et seq. The plaintiff seeks a declaration of the rights and benefits afforded by Tex. Educ. Code Section 12.015(b), the provision of the Texas Education Code governing the composition of a home-rule school district chatter commission, as well as Tex. Educ. Code Section l l.25l(e), the provision requiring that the professional staff representatives who select the teachers on the charter connnission be elected. Essentially, as detailed herein, the plaintiff maintains that the individuals who have selected the teacher representatives for the charter commission do not possess the requisite legal authority to do so because they were appointed to their positions rather than being elected as required by Tex. Educ. Code Section 11.251(e). The plaintiff seeks to enjoin the Dallas Independent School District board of trustees from acting outside its statutory and legal authority in appointing improperly selected teachers to the charter commission.



DFPE Makes Endorsement in District 6 Race

Dallas Friends of Public Education (DFPE) proudly announced their endorsement Friday, June 6 of Ms. Joyce Foreman, a long time public education advocate, for the upcoming Dallas ISD school board runoff election for District 6 to be held June 21, 2014. DFPE was formed in 2009 and is group of parents, teachers and other concerned taxpayers who serve as a source of information to inform and engage citizens throughout the Dallas Independent School District and Dallas County.



Affidavit to Withdraw Signature from SOPS Petition

In order for the affiant's signature to be withdrawn from the "Petition To Request Appointment Of a Charter Commission to Frame a Home-Rule School District Charter for Dallas ISD," this affidavit of signature withdrawal must be signed, notarized, and delivered to the Dallas ISD school board: Dallas ISD School Board, 3700 Ross Avenue, Box 1, Dallas, TX 75204

To be effective, this withdrawal affidavit must be filed with the Dallas ISD school board before the "Petition to Request Appointment of a Charter Commission to Frame a Home-Rule School District Charter for Dallas ISD" is received by Dallas ISD.

This affidavit complies with Texas Election Code Chapter 277, Section 277.0022



SOPS signs removed from Public Library entrance

The manager of Preston Royal Public Library agreed to remove the signs and said that they were placed at the front entrance without the knowledge or permission of the library staff. The signs were spotted early on Saturday, April 19, 2014 and were removed at 3:30 p.m. after citizen complaints about the signs.

SOPS signs at Preston Royal Library


Supt. Mike Miles summary of "Destination 2020 - Year 1"

The statistics presented have more spin than merry-go-round. Miles claims, among other things, gains in student achievement as measured by the number spring graduates and that the gap between DISD African American students & white peers STATEWIDE narrowed by 1.5%. No comparison to white DISD kids? SAT scores decrease from 864 to 861 while "college readiness" based on an ACT score of 21 and SAT score of 990 declined from 15.3% to 14.4%. Miles was also proud that DISD students met or exceeded the growth rate of statewide peers on 18 of 27 comparisons on the STAAR test. Basically the district flatlined and the administration is putting lipstick on the pig.

Read the Report


Student Achievement Data Does Not Support Retaining Mike Miles

Trustee Mike Morath recently penned an op-ed giving the public a series of broad statements indicating growth in academic achievement under the "reforms" instituted by Superintendent Mike Miles.

An examination of Morath's arguments for academic achievement growth instead turned up more evidence against the methods employed by Superintendent Miles.

Morath pointed to gains in low income students and students of color on college-readiness indicators including Miles' chosen benchmark, the ACT, the measure Miles uses when aligning curriculum for his consulting company.

With Miles' appearance and decision to use the ACT as a data point for the effectiveness of his reforms, the percentage of students tested at low-income high schools such as Pinkston, Roosevelt, and Adamson declined at high rates and pushed up the average ACT scores at these schools. Bill Betzen, a local school activist, has documented this same trend of high student attrition and increasing ACT scores at Miles' previous school district in Colorado Springs.

This is the full article with apendices, a summary of which was published in the Dallas Morning News on September 16, 2013. View the full article as a PDF


The Coggins Report

Cogins Report

View the Coggins Report as a PDF


DISD Fall 2013 Climate Survey Results

Download and view the DISD Fall 2013 Climate Survey Results as a PDF (223 pages ~4.5 Mb)


Public Education Grant (PEG) List of 57 Failing DISD Schools

As required by law, the Texas Education Agency is posting its annual list of schools on the Public Education Grant (PEG) list today. This list, effective for the 2014-2015 school year, identifies campuses with passing rates on TAKS/STAAR that are less than or equal to 50 percent in any two of the preceding three years or were rated Academically Unacceptable in 2011 or rated Improvement Required in 2013 under the new state accountability system. No state accountability ratings were issued in 2012. Charter schools are excluded from PEG identification.

The Dallas ISD has 57 schools on the 2014-15 PEG list. The district is required by law to notify parents whose children attend these schools that their child may transfer to a non-PEG school.


Sample Questions from OECD PISA Assessments

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development's Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) is a triennial international survey which aims to evaluate education systems worldwide by testing the skills and knowledge of 15-year-old students. To date, students representing more than 70 economies have participated in the assessment.

Friend of DFPE Mike Dryden was a post-doctoral student in Hamburg Germany in the mid 1980's where Andreas Scheicher was a research intern with Mike. Andreas is now head of PISA. Mike asked him for permission to publish some of the latest PISA documents. Here are Sample Questions from OECD PISA Assessments (PDF).


Master Schedule Database

Master Schedule Database

Look up your school's master schedule, teachers, class sizes, etc.


DFPE member Dr. Kyle Renard unopposed for Dallas County Schools Board Commissioner's Precinct #2

Dr. Kyle RenardKyle Renard, M.D. was declared the elected Board Member on March 5, 2013.

Kyle, a former candidate for the District 1 Dallas ISD board position in 2009, served as chair of the Dallas Friends of Public Education in 2010 and 2011. Dr. Renard, who is still very active in the organization said, "I was encouraged by many people to run since I am passionate about the care of children and their education."

Kyle is a board-certified pediatrician. Her husband, Tom, is a pediatric surgeon in private practice. Kyle has three sons, two of whom graduated from Dallas ISD and one from a small private school due to learning differences. Both Kyle and Tom's mothers are retired school teachers and they both grew up with the student viewpoint as well as the teacher's perspective on the classroom experience. Congratulations, Kyle!


DISD Board President Lew Blackurn wants to postpone Superintendent Miles' performance evaluation until July 15

Blackburn states,"I have spoken with Superintendent Mike Miles about his performance evaluation that is to be completed by May 15, according to his contract. We agreed that the evaluation should be postponed until July 15. However, the Board must agree with the decision..."

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Teacher Evaluation White Paper

by William J. Mathis, September 20, 2012

The first in a new series of two-page briefs summarizing the state of play in education policy research offers suggestions for policymakers designing teacher evaluation systems.

The paper is written by Dr. William Mathis, managing director of the National Education Policy Center, housed at the University of Colorado Boulder School of Education.

Mathis summarizes research findings on the effects of teacher evaluation systems, including unintended as well as intended consequences. At a time when teacher evaluation controversies in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and other school districts have erupted-particularly over the issue of evaluations based in part on the growth of students' test scores-understanding the evidence about these issues has taken on new urgency.

Mathis counsels that lawmakers should be wary of approaches based in large part on test scores, because of three problems:
1. The measurement error is large-which results in many teachers being incorrectly labeled as effective or ineffective;
2. Given that only certain grade levels and subject areas are tested, relevant test scores are not available for most teachers; and
3. The incentives created by the high-stakes use of test scores drive undesirable teaching practices such as curriculum narrowing and teaching to the test.

Instead, he advocates systems like peer assistance and review (PAR) that de-emphasize test scores. Such systems are more labor intensive but that have "far greater potential to enrich instruction and improve education." He also advocates balancing summative, high-stakes assessment systems "with formative approaches that identify strengths and weaknesses of teachers and directly focus on developing and improving their teaching."

In any case, "Given the extensive range of activities, skills, and knowledge involved in teachers' daily work, the system's goals must be clear, explicit and reflect practitioner involvement," Mathis says.