School Children Are Our FutureDALLAS FRIENDS OF PUBLIC EDUCATION is a coalition of parents, teachers and concerned taxpayers who understand that to build a world-class city you must build a world-class public education system. We believe our children and city are best served when fiscal transparency and ethical behaviors are the norm.

The Public Schools are a public entity funded by taxpayers. Policies create the framework for the quality of education a child receives. The DFPE was formed to affect policies for the benefit of our children. Every policy should be based on its positive effect on the education of the student.

Trustees are elected by the public and are accountable to the public. It is the responsibility of Trustees to set the policy for the district.

Because the public supplies the money used by the district, the public deserves to know the plan for the use of that money and the actual use made of that money. The public should be able to gain access to that information quickly and easily. Expenditures for contracts, consultancies and other items should be measured against market price, practicality, and overall benefit to the education of our children.

Trustees should be held to the highest ethical standards. Trustees and those close to them should not profit personally from district business. Trustees should remember who elected them to office and treat everyone with respect. Policy decisions should be made without preference to any one race, personal relationship, business interest or any other reason except for what is best for the children in the district.

Magnet schools, learning centers and comprehensive schools should all receive adequate funding to accomplish their mission.

Teacher evaluations directly affect teaching methods. Even the best teachers have to weigh their teaching against the evaluation they will receive. DFPE opposes the evaluation of students, teachers and schools based solely on test scores. In order to recruit and retain the very best teachers, and encourage them to use best practices, the measurement of success of a school, including staff and students, should be multifaceted, standard and fair regardless of race, native language, age, religion, sexual orientation, or learning challenges.

It is in the best interest of our children that schools be open, inviting, safe and clean. Information should be shared with the public through the most effective, economically sensible, accessible format appropriate for the specific audience. The most current honest and accurate information concerning the positive strides and the challenges that the schools face should be shared. Our parents and guardians deserve the right to be fully informed about the placement and programs available to their children. They deserve the truth.

Public education in Dallas should be desirable for every family. The schools should be comparable to schools anywhere.

DFPE is just that - a friend of public education. It is our intention to be a positive, supportive and informed organization. We encourage the participation of all who support our mission that every child deserves an education worthy of his or her potential.

Download the Mission and Action Plan (PDF)