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Questions on Home Rule in DISD with Election Study - Nov/Dec 2014

Public education in its pure and intended form is under attack nationwide and Dallas has become a battleground area for Texas. The effort to privatize education in the Dallas Independent School District has taken on the name of Home Rule Charter School District.

We hope that this notebook will help you understand the implications of the Home Rule Charter School movement in Dallas and what it might mean to other districts in the state of Texas. There are a few areas in which Dallas is unique due to legislation which applies only to DISD: for example, the requirement for 9 single member trustee districts. These situations have been noted where applicable. The material in this notebook is a credit not only to our work but to the work of many individuals whose writing educated us and whose research was invaluable. They are listed as authors and researchers within the notebook. We publicly express our appreciation to each of them.

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"Stop the TakeOver" (STO) is a subcommittee formed within Dallas Friends of Public Education


We are made up of a diverse group of citizens from all areas of Dallas who are passionate about improving public education. We feel that every conversation must include what is best for the students and that the discussion about Home Rule Charter School District has not shown any demonstrable benefits for the children and has the potential to do great harm. Therefore, we advocate seeking appropriate changes for district improvement NOW under the current Texas Education Code and we adamantly oppose the conversion of DISD into a Home Rule Charter School District. We urge others to join with us in advocating for real, meaningful changes which will benefit our children the most.

Questions on Home Rule in DISD with Electtion Study 2014

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